Core values & principles


Core Values of the Foundation

Creativity and initiative, expansion and realization of the potential of Russian researchers, identification and development of promising ideas. 

World-class research, its relevance and novelty, significance of results for international science and for the Russian economy and society.

Growth opportunities for young researchers and research teams. Involvement of new graduates in science, discovery of new approaches and 

Feedback from the scientific community.

Core principles of the Foundation

Publicity and openness. In order to achieve its aims and succeed in its mission, the Foundation is ready to communicate with any Russian, international or foreign organization, research team or scientist. The Foundation informs scientists and the public about its plans, current activities and achievements.

Competence. The Foundation awards grants based on the conclusions of reviewers of the highest qualification, representing both Russian and international scientific communities. 

Compliance with public interest. The Foundation abides by the interests of the Russian Federation. Through the Foundation, the state policy is implemented in the field of science.

Independence. The Foundation operates under the laws of the Russian Federation and decisions of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, and is empowered to perform duties and exercise rights of a non-profit organization.

Policy on intellectual property. Rights to the intellectual property created in programs and projects, financially supported by the Foundation, belong to the participants of these programs and projects. The Russian Federation may use for public needs the intellectual property created in these projects on the terms of a royalty-free, non-exclusive license, provided by the rights holder to the state licensee, and on the condition of a remuneration paid by the state licensee to the authors of the results of the  intellectual activities.